WordPress technicians were on the ball today.

I am usually moaning about all th glitches on WordPress, but today I finally got one fixed.

I have a phone that is only 5 months old, and everytime I went into the WordPress app, it would go black.  Then a minute or so later, it would ask if I wanted to wait, or close the app.  I could do this for up to half an hour.

I finally contacted WordPress, as I had an hour to spare.  Yes, amazing.  The technician checked to see if anyone else had reported it.  They hadn’t.  He then contacted someone else, and they walked me through the steps to get it up, and running.

Gladly it is working properly, and if it happens again, to get back to them.  Maybe now I won’t be spending every spare minute I have, trying to get into the list of people that liked my post, so that I could return the read.

Photo: Pixabay.


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