Winn Dixie collecting for Hurricane Dorian victims.

When I went food shopping yesterday, there was a notice on top of cash register, asking if you want to give to the Hurricane relief fund.

I told the cashier that I would like to give, and she asked me how much?  I loved it as she said as little, or as much as you want to give.  This means if you shop 3 times a week, and only want to give $1 on each receipt, you can.  Of course if you want to do a one time $50 that’s great.

So even the poorest shopper, who really wants to give but counts every penny can.

When you do it online there is a minimum you have to give,  I hope this catches on with all supermarkets, as I know that even $1 per person, everytime they shop, with make a huge difference.


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