Staying at Treasure Island Beach Club.

Hubby is getting to the point that he would much rather be home, than on vacation.  I am the beach bum, and Treasure Island is my favorite spot.

His anxiety gets worse leading up to the trip, even though I take care of everything, and drive us down.

This evening his anxiety is close to a panic attack, and I know that he doesn’t want to be here.  I feel that the beach is my way of winding down, as many of you know that I am his 24/7 caregiver.  It is the only time that I am happy to leave him for an hour, to walk the beach, as I can be back with him within minutes.

Friends of ours have just phoned to see if we want to do lunch with them, after we go to church, tomorrow morning.  He said ‘Yes’, so hoping this will be a positive, to stop those negative thoughts he is having.


  1. I’d be jazzed if you’ve time for deja Vu cafe about 45 minutes south in main St petes downtown central or was it first ave corner of fourth street. The proprietoress makes strudel from scratch. If your gonna ft happy less budget than mine, Kalamazoo Olive co. They’re on Central having moved from the location I found them at (there’s a reason it’s all along or for straying not far from central as it’s 50 cents for the trolly versus hiking in the heat). At Kalamazoo (a Michigan town) you may sample the oils and specialty vinegars which will without doubt be fine gifts or treasured specialties of your own counter. Maybe you’ll get the strawberry balsamic…Florida beckons…. Wherein a dash or splash marinated the meat selection which becomes your tender delight for lunch or dinner. Or maybe you’ll feel ND that lemon olive oil has been missing from your GOOD bread consumption… My person fav is just off the trolly a step 250 easterly block; the Coney island grill which serves zero french fries thus has a fairly tastey Cole slaw along a KFC but a dash soured type taste. But here is naughty foods. A cross between a made right but as a hotdog.. get their chili dog (130lbs male I eat like a bird compared to me at 220 and I manage with two no side) I have utterly failed to gain weight because of my michigan-ed–dog addictions….but I did go caboose over teakettle from the barstool splat on the floor…but I usually come from dialysis with low BP so that’s explainable. I recommend against such drama as it is too exciting. 😉 One street up on the tenth street vs mlk of Coney island is red mesa mercado. You’ve enough room for multi people needs seating outside under a roof. It offers Mexican fare. I am utterly shocked that the salsa did not overly excited me but massively complimented the food even if it wasn’t an on your own grand thing. I am doubly shocked that their chicken tamale usually a mistake anywhere else to order was absolutely divine dabbed in their hot salsa….which was mild to me but ;). Six streets up at sixteenth street is a tight fit getting in with a chair but worth it if you can – zaytoon grill. Offering the expected in near East cuisines this small place offers something of a twist…a wrap… A chicken schwarma buritto! It is something light enough to still move after yet unbelievable good. I suggest you ask the fries accompanying be extra crispy as they’re ….regrettable…otherwise. connecting to sbc from passe grill (75th / gulf) to treasure island (75th / Hanna) is where you don’t quite even need a car both support disabled riders well with ramp/lifts. Laugh as I tell you true, the real reason starts with a teavanna tea (elevator at street for that half flight of steps seeming bar to entry) 3rd Street / central but double check I really can’t read signs well,. They off lapseng suchong which I adore as smoked teas go. And just get fat the rest of the way if you can… Don’t but hopefully something tempts.

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  2. Thanks for that great information. Hubby will be 86 next month, so we tend to go local. Britt’s for their subs, Frog Pond for their Omelettes, Shell’s for their Shrimp Pasta, and the list goes on.


  3. That’s the fun! Not necessarily hearing you’ll be right on my list but you have both a response and also maybes against that maybe ;). Britt’s/subs frog pond/omelette s shells / shrimp pasta… And? Heheheh. What’s your soup haunt? Florida does incur some soup days 😉

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