I was the only one to get rained on today at the beach.

I had walked to John’s Pass, and when I looked at the bridge I saw a rainbow.  In the time it took me to get my phone out of my fanny pack, the heavens opened, and huge dropped of rain came down.

I quickly went to an area next to the boardwalk where there were trees, and I hung out there while the rain thrashed down, and the wind blew.

Luckily it was over in around ten – fifteen minutes, and I got back on the beach to walk, and dry out.  Just a short distance away, a couple were sitting on the sand.  I asked them if they got rained on, and they said ‘No’.  They found it so funny that I was dripping wet, and they were dry.

That’s Florida for you.  It rains on one side of the street, and not on the other.


  1. My day to assess for lighthouse of the blind? Oh I’m on the bare edge of a cloud… I miss both busses. I’ve 48 minutes to go…but as it took ten to cross a street with no button and 11 lanes…and aenemic… Nope. So it begins to rain for every minute left stopping as the bus pulls to the light…. Fully air-conditioning at hurricane Arctic. It was pretty the sun returning and my phone didn’t drown

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  2. I was mid life here which meant uncle who has odd hours decided to stay up 10pm to four am playing radio every light on so I got literally zero sleep to be my bright best! 😉 Wow what a day indeed! I felt 20 again on my way from an all night job to day labor for the few pennies more! Oh how amusing it is too feel young again 😁

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