Norwich beating Manchester City 3 – 1 in the 70th minute. Final score Norwich 3 Manchester City 2

This has to be the most exciting match so far this weekend.  We watched Liverpool  beat Newcastle 3 – 1, and Newcastle did score the first goal, which was kind of nice.  Then Spurs beat Crystal Palace 4 – 0.  A total walkover.

Norwich scored in the 18th, and 28th minute, and thought that they would be going in at halftime with a 2 – 0 lead.  However, Aguero got one back in added time.  2 – 1 to Norwich, and we were thinking that City were getting back into the game.

To our surprise Norwich scored again in the 50th minute, so are 3 – 1 up with only 15 minutes left to play.

Not only is this the best match of the day, but of the season so far.  What a turn up for the books, and I bet the bookies in England are really upset about how much they will have to pay out on this dead cert win for City.


  1. As a Norwich supporter, I am on Cloud 9 right now. It’s one of the all-time great Premier League upsets, and has to rank right up there with the all time great Norwich wins (with the League Cup in ’85, Bayern Munich in ’93, and beating Fergie’s Man U in ’04 I think).

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