Which comes first? Premier League Football, or the gym.

I always manage to see all the football matches, as well as workout at the gym.  The Bournemouth – Everton match has just started, 9 a.m., and the Watford – Arsenal one starts at 11.30.

We are having breakfast right now, while watching the first match.  We often go to the gym at halftime, as it takes a good 15 minutes to get there.  However, hubby has been sleeping in these last couple of days, catching up on lost sleep at the timeshare.

If we watch all the first game here, then when his favorite team play, we would be at the gym.  I go on the treadmill, with either weights, or elevation, but he is too far from the television, to really see it.

Today, it might have to be the gym in the afternoon.  Fine by me, but there is no one there for hubby to socialize with, and coffee stops at noon.

Whatever way we do it, I will get to see both matches, and have a good workout.


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