Losing it with the doctor’s office.

I have written several posts about our last visit to our G.P.’s office.  The last one being that they couldn’t find my husband’s blood work results, and that they would mail them to me.  They did while I was away, but it was only the nephrologist’s ones that I already had.

So I phoned this morning, was put on hold, and it came back that the lab hadn’t proceed the blood.  So no results.  The P.A. should have realized this on that visit, which I wasn’t in, being in the room with the doctor.  Hubby had no idea.

It was suggested by the P.A. that we wait until his next appointment.  That is not on, when his insulin was changed, and we had taken 3 pages of sugar readings for them to make a decision as to if it was working.  We needed his A1c numbers.

I insisted that they take blood tomorrow, and get the results for me.  I am not prepared for something serious to happen, because they didn’t do their job.  Not at all impressed with the P.A., but love the doctor.

A copy of this will be going to the doctor’s office on my next visit.



  1. It always makes me shake my head (& feel a little disappointment) when I learn, again, that we have to watch out for ourselves regarding our health. It would be nice to have healthcare like a “fairytale” or the days (& professionals) of Dr Welby MD, housecalls, Dr Kildare…boy that’s aging me‼🤣 Aah but that’s dreaming, reality is we have to take charge of our own health, look out for ourselves/loved ones. No fantasy 🤒🤕😷🧐

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