Comfify – Decorative Cast Iron Wall Hook Rack – Vintage Design Hanger with 4 Hooks

I received this product back in 2016, and it still looks like new. A really pretty, strong product.


I had one set of keys hanging on a wall plaque, and the rest laying on a table, so it was so nice to get the Decorative Cast Iron Wall Hook Rack, which is a Vintage Design.  The hanger has 4 hooks, and it is for coats, hats, keys, towels, clothes, aprons etc.  It is wall mounted, and measures 13.6 x 7″.  It comes with screws and anchors.

From the Amazon page: ‘This decorative wall hook is a solid piece, crafted recycled cast iron. It will last for generations. The coat hanger is covered with special coating, giving the item vintage or rusted look, while protecting the item from rust and wear’.

I really love the artwork on it.  I put it up by the door that leads into the house, from the garage.  This is where we put everything down.  It is on a beige wall, and the iron being a…

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