Missed my ladies so much last week.

I was back at the gym on Saturday, and during the past few days, I had 3 ladies asking me about my boxing class.  I gave them all the details, but was hoping that they wouldn’t all show up today.  That’s not being mean, it’s just that I spend half the time with the new person.  There just isn’t enough of me to show 3 new people, and have my regulars at all different stages of boxing.

My lovely little lady said she was coming on Monday, and then canceled out yesterday, as she had a family function.  I tell them that family always comes first.

So my 2 ladies came, and one new one  This was actually perfect, as I have to get my new person’s hands wrapped, and I supply gloves.  We then stretch, and I have my lady that can mainly work on her own at one end, and my 2 ladies with bags close to each other.

My new lady did around 20 minutes, and learned the stance, to protect her face, and a couple of basic moves.  By this time she was tired.  My other ladies continued, and I finished up gassing them out.

It really worked out great for all of us.

Later I had a really strenuous boxing session with Jake, my trainer, from Load More Plate.

Forgot to mention that I was at a third gym, in between the 2 lots of boxing.





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