My emails are finally going down.

I wrote awhile back, to say that I had turned off the alert emails, for followers liking my posts.  With 3,285 followers it was growing my 1,000 a day.  I believe I had a backlog of 20,000 emails.

I have been reading a few each day, and am now down to 7,000.  I was hoping to add it back in time, but I trust you understand that if I miss you, it not for trying.

I spend 6 – 8 hours a day checking the reader on WordPress, and going back over my past few posts, to make sure I don’t miss anyone.

I love you all, but it was too overwhelming.


  1. I’m unable to read everyone and I’m 200 some deep only! However, I do also try to read comments and courtesy respond In kind. I’m off to a gold mine as the place to stay evaporated…. That sun! 😉 (Denver….mountains close… Mountain gold mine….

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  2. This gives me motivation to do the same, as it does get to be too much at times. I know who reads my blog, and also the ones I read, and can find them easily another way besides email. 🙂

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  3. That’s a crazy amount of emails to have to go through! I struggle with the couple of hundred that I get so can completely understand why you’ve had to stop it.

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  4. Ohhhhh my! I came from xanga now a subset private community within WordPress where I tried out being a social wizard…. Oh my, I may fight my phone from helping me typo every word now but I just don’t get up and after all that effort anymore! It is fun though being driven to participate…. This was my fifth site there. This is maybe pumpkiny enough to halloween some 😉

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