We all need positives in our lives.

So many of you say what an inspiration I am to you, but often I need positives in my life too.

Working out comes easy. I love it.

Housework, is a chore, and I do what I have to.

I get frustrated with constantly contacting people who don’t do their jobs properly.

Also doctor’s offices, and pharmacys.

Hubby is slowing down, so it’s another phase in our lives.

That is why I try to put a smile on my face every day, and enjoy life while I can.

What positives do you have in your life, or want in your life?

Photo: Pixabay.


  1. ♥️ Love this so MUCH! I try so hard to stay positive as much as possible. Life is full of twists and turns and you never know what will be thrown your way. I know you read a lot of my posts, so you know I’m sometimes overwhelmed but believe in the power of positive thinking, I try to have a smile on my face and look at life and all the good things. It’s a great way to enjoy our lives!! In my opinion! ♥️🥰

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  2. Susie you have a positive approach to life. I know from your posts that your life has some rough spots and the frustrations with the medics is understandable but you are never a downer. I get such a lift from my horse and my riding. That is what keeps me going and makes me feel I am years younger than I am.

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  3. This is my 5th marriege anniversary but I still have no kids and only one girl miscarriage.

    I still never lose hope of one day playing with my kids on the loan. I never blame anyone that I have no kids yet, I appreciate what I have at the moment, calling my wife my first born and she calling me infant.

    Isn’t it amazing how to misfortuned partners can bring joy and happiness to each other out of nothing.

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  4. Staying positive isn’t always easy. When I get overwhelmed by the negativity around and i feel helpless, unable to change things, i head outside. I watch small creatures like bumblebees work diligently, concentrating on the job they need to do. They happily buzz around. Each of them helping my garden, giving freely what is needed. It is a great reminder of how simple, yet beautiful nature is. Negative thoughts just fall to the wayside.

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  5. I try as much as possible to not allow other people’s negatives get to me. I try to ignore them a lot. Sometimes people say I don’t get bothered, I do but I don’t allow things weigh me down. Writing is my love. Makes me happy. So when negatives come, I write is off and feel so good. Hope your hobby gets well soon.

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  6. Working out has such an impact on my life, whether I am full on or modifying. My reading personal development reminds me I’m not alone in my journey, positive posts and blogs like yours remind and inspire me. My faith and belief in GOD takes me a long way

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  7. Hi Susie, thank you for stopping by at my blog A Sweeter Life, reading your post here all I have to say is great for you on working out. I say positive affirmations to myself every day. ❤

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