I need help with Twitter.

I have been on Twitter since 2,005, and never had a problem with it.

Hubby forgets his passwords several times a week, and I can only think that he used my cell phone number as a recovery one.  Now they won’t let me into my account.  Each time I click for a code, I do not receive one from Twitter.  Over the past 2 days, I must have tried 40 times.

I went into help, and contact, them wrote to them explaining that I don’t get the code, to verify it’s me.  They said that someone would notify me within a few days.  It’s now been 2 days, and I am hoping that they will contact me soon.

There is no way, apart from the form I filled in, to contact them.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what else I can do.

Very frustrated not having it, and all the time I have wasted.


  1. Did you only have a number attached to your account or did you use email too? Also, do they say you’re account is locked or is it just the password? If they locked your account it may take a longer time (up to 30 days) depending on why they locked it (if they think there was suspicious activity).

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  2. I’ve been on twitter since it began & I haven’t had any problems like that. But…personally (I have no patience) I would create a new account, new username & skip using your phone number and/or same email.

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  3. Twitter is run by elitists and they are hard to deal with. We have had similar issues while at our home in Italy which makes the whole “code thing” near impossible. Try having them send the code to your email rather than a phone. If your account has been “locked,” you may get a message from the Tweet folks asking you to remove a particular Tweet. You will need to do that in order to continue using their service. If it is a pass word thing for sure, you can always simply create a new password. Twitter is currently on a tear to remove accounts that they don’t like and that can be virtually anyone.


  4. Yes I had email too, and I have asked them to email me a code, in an email.
    Hubby has the start of dementia, and in the morning got a new code/password. Never sure now, because it’s a daily thing with Google or Facebook. He has just started back on Twitter, and I think he put in my cell phone number for a code.


  5. I’m sorry I can’t help as I’m still pretty clueless with Twitter (joined this year). I’ve just started following you. Hopefully you’ve either heard from them today or will do over the weekend/by Monday. My fingers are crossed!!
    Caz xx

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