Items I received for free with my H.M.O.

Both hubby and I get Medicare, and have chosen to go with an H.M.O., rather than Medicare alone.  We both get over the counter items for free.  With hubby’s Optimum he gets $50 a month, and it is very limited as to what you can get.

I am with Ultimate, as this plan fits me better, and I get $105 to spend every quarter.  They have everything you can imagine in their thick booklet.

Previously I have received a chair for hubby’s shower, and other expensive items.

This time I got him the walking cane, with the 4 prongs on the bottom.  He has a regular one, but this is better if he is standing, talking for awhile.  7 pairs of diabetic socks, 3 boxes of denture tablets, and a brush, 3 tubes of sunscreen, Vitamin E capsules, and a large bandage.

They have so many items available for safety around the home, as well as adult pull ups, and a multitude of other products.

I haven’t paid for any over the counter products now in almost 7 years.


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