What age group to you like talking to?

As I child I learned so much from teachers, adults of my parent’s age, and thought that the ‘elderly’ were past it.

As a women in my 20’s – 30’s, it was co-workers, and people of a similar age.

After turning 40, it began to be people of all ages.  We owned our restaurant, so I had the pleasure of talking to babies, right up to people in their 90’s.

50 – 65 it was the people that I worked with.  I was a part-time caregiver with an agency, and worked with people contemplating suicide, dementia, and Alzheimers.

From 65 and until now, I get to talk to young people at the gym, middle aged, as well as the elderly.  I learn so much from them all.

Yes, friends, and acquaintances change as the older you get.  Love the guys in their 20’s to 40’s that give me advise when boxing, and also how they tell me that I inspire them.

Hoping that this can continue for the next decade.

Off to Top Brother USA to teach my ladies.  This afternoon to LoadMorePlate for my boxing session.




  1. Approaching 60… Less
    i See of Time Or Age We
    Are Born We Differentiate
    We Are Reborn Again Now
    As One Love Force If A Caterpillar
    Cultures Make
    Us Becomes a
    Butterfly again
    To Fly Free
    With No
    Labels as
    All Winds
    Colors of

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  2. That’s wonderful. You can talk to all of our kids there all in that area of ages, and there friends are over often! Come on over susie!, lol! You could join a church and work with a youth group, they would really love you because your a great role model.

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  3. How interesting to track changes in your life from this angle. As you point out, it’s not only your own attitudes that change as you get older: others want something different from you as you get older. Advice and inspiration, for instance, yes.

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  4. sorry to hear of this. We both cook and owned a cupcakerie across from Mel’s Hot Dogs near Bush Gardens. We were there for 5 years making gourmet cupcakes. At the time we stopped, husband was given a diagnosis of cancer. Business during this time (2015) was very challenging but we had our faithful customers.


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