Two Susans meet at the beach, and both are kickboxers.

Yesterday afternoon I was walking the beach, when some ladies in front of me slowed down.  One said ‘Where’s Susan’, and I jokingly said ‘Here’.

So this afternoon I was walking along the edge of the beach, and 2 ladies were walking towards me.  One said ‘You are Susan’, and I smiled.  We got to talk, and the youngest one was named Susan, like me.

They asked me how far I walked, and I said that I only walk when at the beach, and went through what I do at the gym.  The ‘other Susan’ said ‘I do kickboxing too, and I must have a photo of us together’.  They took photos, and I asked if they would take some on my phone too.

Susan spoke to the other lady, who I am assuming was her mother, and said that you can do kickboxing at any age, and that I kicked higher than her.

Made my day.


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