I bring hubby little sugar free treats home, from time to time.

I was out shopping yesterday, and bought my husband the same size package of Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy, and Russell Stover Sugar Free Mint Chocolate Patties.

There are 13 candies in the Werther’s one, which I buy him often.  So how many do you think are in the 5 and a quarter x 6 and a half inch packet of Russell Stover?

A whopping 3.  Hubby opened it up yesterday, and took one out.  Today he went to get another one, and there were only 2 there.  I know sugar free are more expensive, but why can’t they put them in a realistic size bag, so that you get some idea of the size of them.

Thank goodness he is not a guy that would eat half a dozen at a time, as he would have lucked out.

I hate deceiving packaging.20191004_145907 (1)


  1. I had a similar experience with a different product. I contacted the manufacturer through the customer service line printed on the package and told them my concerns. You need to have the package with you because they will ask for the UPC code and other serial numbers printed on it so they can track which group was affected. They will also ask when and which store you got the package from. They will issue you a full price coupon for the product if you so choose to accept it.


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