A quick bite at Applebee’s.

My girlfriend and I usually go out for a walk on Friday afternoons, but she had to change the day to Monday.

It’s been raining on, and off today, so we decided to have a lunch special at Applebee’s, and then check out a couple of shops in the plaza.

The restaurant was very quiet, and we had a long wait for our server.  She just sauntered over, and we ordered.

There was a long wait for our drinks, and it was 90% ice.  I have to say that my fajita wrap was hard, and I ended up eating the inside, and leaving the wrap.

I brought the half of a Club sandwich home, but hubby wanted a dinner, so I ended up eating the middle of that.

I personally was disappointed with my meal, but my girlfriend enjoyed hers.  Next time it will be Chili’s as they have 3 for $10,   Also an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a dessert for $25.   I have never been disappointed there.

I did let the server know that I wasn’t happy with our visit.



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