The young people in our gym are so nice.

I can’t emphasize enough, how kind the 20 – 30 year olds in our gym are. I often see them watching me boxing, lifting, and doing the machines.

20191007_104853 (1)

Today I did 30 minutes boxing, and then went on the arm, and ab machines.  I then did my usual cool down on the upside down Bosu ball.

While there I had a young lady named Laura, come up to me, and said that I was such an inspiration to her, and to other people in the gym.  She told me that I had a great work ethic, and the most amazing body.

When I told her I was 71, she was blown away.  We chatted for 10 minutes, while I was still bouncing up and down on the Bosu.  Nothing stops me working out, including getting compliments.

Young people can be amazing, and she certainly made my day.



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