Have you ever shopped at HSN Outlet?

My girlfriend suggest that we check out the HSN Outlet, in the shopping plaza, where Applebee’s is.  Neither of us had been there before.

Our eyes opened wide when we entered the store.  Up to 80% off, and loads of Manager’s special pricing.

We both bought a set of 3 workout bras.  The retail price was $44.95.  Manager’s special $5.99.  Yes, you read that right, for all 3 bras.

I needed some new slippers, so headed that way.  The slippers I chose where retail $29.99, down to $25.99, with 50% off.  They are luxurious, and cost me $12.99.  They are copper infused, odor reducing, and have extra cushioning.  They are the softest slippers I have ever had, and a good thick sole on them.

I spent 20 bucks, and saved myself a fortune.  I will be going back before Christmas to check for gifts.  The only disappointing thing was no clothes, shoes, or slippers for men.



  1. Wow! Those are amazing deals and I did not know that they had a store. Your slippers look so cozy and you cannot go wrong with more workout bras. I need to get more workout bras. I like ones with padding for the support, but I do not like how the padding does not always stay put. 🙂


  2. I haven’t bought anything from HSN in a long time, mostly I bought jewelry I still have all the pieces, great quality, I didn’t know they had a store, incredible bargain deals, and i love a good bargain. Thank you


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