Important information for my followers.

If you read my last post, and many in the past, my husband is getting to be a full-time job for me.  I have taken over the majority of duties around the house, garden, car, and pretty much everything else.

I am now looking around, and haven’t finished unpacking from our trip.  I managed to sweep, and mop the floors yesterday, as well as cooking all afternoon, but the house need so much to be done.  I would go crazy if I didn’t put it out of my mind, so that I can concentrate on my husband’s needs.

Therefore, if you write several posts a day, you won’t be seeing me reading them, liking, and leaving comments as much.  I have to cut my time down, even though I enjoy doing it, and it helps me in more ways than you can imagine.

Hope you all understand.


  1. Susan, you have to do what you got to do. It is understandable however, if it comes to a point that it will affect your health as well, it would be prudent to consider if you would be amenable to home care services so as to help you out. Only consider this if you really have to and if both you and your hubby are ready for it. My thoughts to both of you.

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  2. No problem. When my mother got too sick, me and my oldest brother took care of her. It helped there were two of us as it split the load. You might see if there are resources available in your area that you can tap to help out.

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  3. You are a wonder doing all you do, just enjoy dipping into blogs for a break, no need to keep up or comment. It is good to have something to focus on though, I’m sure the internet is a lifeline for many people.

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  4. Sending good vibes! I always love seeing your likes on my blog whenever you check it out, but it’s important to take care of yourself 🙂

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  5. Hello Susie,
    Prends bien soin de vous deux !
    Meilleure santé à ton mari et moments de sérénité et de calme pour toi.
    Bisous amicaux de France.


  6. It takes time for reality to sink in for him. I am not saying that he is in denial but perhaps ,he realizes that there is a problem but still persistent that he can overcome it.The fear of losing one’s independence and autonomy is scary for him. Sadly, it does not make it easy for you. I would suggest that in the meantime,try to get all your affairs in order so that you can become his potential power of attorney if his condition so dictates. Now as to the day to day routine,I just hope that he realizes and sees with his own eyes how overwhelming it has been for you. Only then will he reconsider more help from outside.


  7. I will understand if you don’t read mine at all Susie. Looking at the situation surrounding you at the moment, time is not your friend, and you really need to concentrate more on the most important things. Please take care of him and you.

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