Massages are the best.

Hubby decided not to come with me for my boxing class this morning.  We had a great time, and all got something out of it.

Then I came home, picked up hubby, and went to the second gym.  I hadn’t planned on doing much there, but had a text to say that my trainer would prefer 1.30 today, if possible.  Never a problem, as they are personal friends of mine.  I ended up doing an hour at that gym before bringing hubby home.

I had ten minutes before leaving for my session with Jake.  Even though I ached, possibly due to lifting hubby off the floor, the boxing was amazing.  I started tired, and ended up smiling all over my face.

I had 30 minutes to spare before driving to my monthly massage.  I am going to say it was the best one I have had, because my body had felt, as if it didn’t belong to me.

Just cooked, and ate dinner, and then I am driving hubby to an F.O.E. (Eagles) meeting.  He is a Past President there.  I often go to the gym opposite it, but this time I am having a Starbucks coffee, which is right in front of the building.

I think I am getting back to the normal me, that can do almost anything.  Thank you all for your prayers, and love.


  1. I total agree with that iv’e just got back from a full body massage i get one from every shift back it’s a long week 8 x 12 make the body a bit sore Hahaha Just the little fruit of life Hahaha

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  2. Susie, you are my inspiration. Your blog is one of the most encouraging I’ve seen. You are active and full of life. Sometimes I think “I can’t do that, I’m too old, not fit enough, will look foolish… “. You are absolutely living life and super fit, my inspiration.

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