Is this a coincidence, or are WordAds just not paying as much.

It’s only be a couple of days since I decided not to spend 6 – 8 hours a day on my blog.  I believe it’s now around 3, while hubby is watching television.

I have been delighted to earn around $10 a month or more, to cover my blog expenses.  but my stats, and the CPM have gone down, making my revenue a joke again.  It’s not the money, because who would work for 40 cents a day, but the idea that I had got to the point of no cost to me.

I was wondering if anyone else had cut back, and seen a big change immediately, or whether the ads are just not worth as much as they were.

Just a thought.


  1. I think it changes with the wind. I post, say 3 times a week and cannot ever predict what the Ad score will be on any given day. Sometimes on days where I don’t post and even if the hits are poor the Ad pays more than on a big day when I’ve posted. Odd but true. Best of luck ~ George

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  2. My current CPM is .04. Some months it is ZERO. I wish I had not paid $300 to WordPress for a “business plan.” They should be forced to disclose their payment agreements from the advertisers and how it’s distributed or face a class-action lawsuit.

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