Finally have a local Spectrum store.

I switched to Spectrum for my cellphone earlier in the year, as we have Spectrum cable in our development.  I had to buy a phone from them to get the service.

I have written many posts about the problems I have had, with not getting alerts for voicemail.  Sometimes it’s a week before I remember to press 1 on my phone, to see if there are any.  I can easily miss important ones.

Finally we have a Spectrum store within 5 miles of my home.  I left hubby today, and had an hour or more wait to see a technician.  I explained everything, including the factory resets it has had.  He did everything possible, and said that the phone is defective.

He gave me the Samsung phone number, and the information they would need.  He told me that they would send a new one, and return packaging for mine.  I asked if I needed anything from him, and he assured me there would be no problem.

I contacted them.  The representative told me that I would have to send back my phone, and they would check it, and repair it.  I told him that was not acceptable, and that I wanted to speak to a Supervisor, or Manager.  I was put on hold.

Finally he came back, and gave me a local store where they can check it out for Samsung.  It is on my way to the gym, so will take it there tomorrow morning.  The representative said that as it had been factory reset, it was very unlikely that they would be able to do anything with it.

I will keep you informed.


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