Update on this week’s workouts.

I have had such a busy week running hubby to specialists appointments, signing checks, visit with his sister, and so much more.

However, I still managed to workout every day.

Sunday it was football on television, so I did the first 50 minutes on the treadmill.  I start off will no incline, then 5, back to none, 10, none, 15, and then worked my way back down.  I got my heart rate up to 156 so was really pleased.  I did 3 ab machines, and then we headed home.

Monday I wanted to do my boxing, as the previous week the boxing bag was down at the gym in Treasure Island.  I did 30 minutes, and then went into the final 30 minutes of Zumba, looking a sweaty mess.  The reason being, I do Zumba on a Tuesday, but wouldn’t be able to make it.  I then cooled down for 15 minutes.  Did a little dancing in the evening at the Eagles.

Tuesday it was the electro-cardiologist, and the signing of checks, so it was lunchtime before we made it to the gym.  I worked on the arms, and ab machines for 40 minutes, and then a 15 minute cool down.

Wednesday is always my fun day.  I went to the first gym, and took charge of my boxing class.  Came home, and got hubby, and off to the second gym.  I did mainly stretching, and some easy exercises, because of my right knee.  Brought hubby home, and then off to my boxing session with my trainer.  The sweat pours off of me, and I always come out happy, and upbeat.

Thursday it was meeting up with Len’s family, and a long breakfast.  Then to the gym, where I managed 40 minutes of working out, before going to my Muay Thai kickboxing with my trainer.  He pushed me to my limits, and even further.

Friday I managed a full hour of Zumba, the ab machines, and a quick cool down.

Today we went, and I watched the Brighton and Hove Albion match, where they beat Everton 3 -2.  Loving it.  I was on the treadmill all the time.  The first half I did a slow walk, only 2.5 mph, and had 7 lb. weights in each hands.  I lifted them in every direction for 50 minutes.  The second half I upped it to 3.2 mph with no weights, and watched the rest of the match.  I am showing 12,198 steps, and it’s only lunchtime.

I still think I did an okay week, with limited time at the gym.




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