Overview of Optimum Medicare Plan + $10 Publix gift card, and chocolate dessert.

It is that time of the year when us old ones, 65 and over, can change our Medicare Advantage Plan.  Hubby belongs to Optimum, but I have Ultimate.  Every year they change slightly, so I wanted to see if it is worth me going over to Optimum.

We had a 20 minute video, and then almost an hour of the presenter going over 4 of their plans.  I made lots of notes, and am going to compare them shortly.

All of these companies give you a free dessert, but Optimum are always a sellout, as everyone attending gets the gift card.

I asked if they had a dessert for diabetics, and you either took it, or went without.  I ate a warm, soft, gooey one, and brought the other one home for tomorrow.


20191029_153443 (1)


  1. So far we are resisting going to the Advantage plans. After years of copays and deductibles our Medigap plan covers all except all drug cost. It is nice to have medical care and not have to pay.


  2. Have you checked on any other plans that may be available in your area with the new benefits? My plan isn’t being offered next year, so I have no choice but to change. You can just call the 800 numbers you see on TV and they will go over it with you and help you pick the best one for you.

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  3. Yes, I check them out each year, and ensure that my husband has the specialists, and hospitals he needs. He is so lucky to still be with me with only 15% of his heart working.


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