Sweaty witch today.

The last 2 days I have been killing my workouts with my trainer.  Prior to yesterdays, I had done my boxing class with my ladies, 40 minutes stretching and on the upside down Bosu ball, at the second gym.

My trainer, Jake, had me really moving around boxing, which is so much harder for this 71 year old.  Not only are you watching to see if it’s going to be a punch, jab, hook, or uppercut, but also which way he is moving.  Also remembering to protect your face at all times.

Today was body combat, then another 40 minutes of light work, before my Muay Thai Kickboxing.   Jake is working on my strength as well as my kicks, but again incorporated lots of movement.

Prior to this session I made a protein shake with 35 grams of protein.  Before the end of my session I was shaking, light headed, and had to chew a glucose tablet.   I finished it, as I always do.

What satisfaction. You can see the sweat pouring off of me.



20191031_110822 (1).jpg


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