30 minutes boxing, and another 30 on abs.

I find 30 minutes of continuous boxing exhausts me, so then I go to the machines.  I use the ab machine, where you choose your weight, (55 ibs.) and the pull down the ropes on either side of your shoulder.  You go into a crunch, and slowly come back up.  I did 5 sets of 25 pull downs.  From here I went onto the machine, that you add weight under the bottom of it (40 lb. max) put your knees on the pad, and elbows in the rests.  You then push forward with your knees, so they come up, and then go backwards, stretching your back, and abs.  The slower I do it, the more I feel it in my abs.  You have to make sure that you don’t use your arms to move youself.

Then I lay on the bench that you put your feet under to keep you on, and lay downwards to do sit ups.  I use a 25 lb. weight either on my stomach when I am crunching, or hold it close to my body, while coming up, and laying back down.

Again this is another exercise that I can feel I have done.  I try to do abs twice a week.

Planning on some dancing tonight.

20191104_114714 (1)

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