2 minor biopsies.

As you know I was apprehensive about our visit to the dermatologist after the last experience.

I am pleased to say that we both got checked out.  I wore my last bikini that I wore at the beach.  This way all of my body that gets exposed to the sun, was checked.  They found a tiny spot on my wrist.

Hubby’s turn, and his was on his arm.  These may come back with nothing else to be done, but if a cancer has to be removed, I can certainly handle it there.

I am so thankful that I won’t be in pain like last time, look like a freak, and have bruising as if someone strangled me.

Your prayers worked, as I can deal with these that were found.

I also told the nurse/assistant about how I was given the lidocaine too quickly last time, and that I had a reaction like a panic attack, and the employee told me if I wasn’t quite they would close the door.  She was disgusted, and made a note of it.  She apologized about it, and said that it would never happen with her patients.

20191105_160222 (1)


  1. When I had carpal tunnel surgery, they let the lidocaine block out too quickly. It went straight to my heart and stopped it. So I died for a bit. It scared the crap out of everyone, and a twenty minute operation with a tiny bandaid cover ended up a three day hospital stay.

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  2. Good luck with your results – I have my fingers crossed that neither you nor your husband will need any further investigation 🤞🏼


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