Ajax finished with 9 men against Chelsea. One of the most exciting matches I have seen.

Abraham scored an own goal for Ajax in the 2nd minute of the match, followed by a penalty for Chelsea.  So 1 – 1 with 5 minutes on the clock.  Ajax scored another 2 goals in the 1st half, so 3 – 1 at break.

The excitement came in the second half with a 4th for Ajax in the 55th minute.

Then it was Chelsea’s turn with a goal from Azpilicueta, 2 sendings off for Ajax, goals for Chelsea in the 71st, and 74th minutes bringing the score to 4 – 4.

We were going insane when a 5th goal was scored my Chelsea, but it was disallowed.

I can’t wait to see all the comments for this game.  We know the first red card was for 2 fouls, but the second one, the player had a yellow card, and we are not sure whether he talked himself into it, or whether it was handball.

Chelsea should have won with 19th minutes left, and only 9 men on the other team, but somehow the opponents goalkeeper made some great saves.  Chelsea had 23 shots.

Even at the end there was only 4 minutes added time, with 2 red cards, penalties, and fouls.  A draw, we will take, but all I can say is ‘WOW’.

I would love to hear your comments, if you got a chance to see this amazing, exciting, furious match.



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