Almost a year ago I had a difficult problem that only I could work out.

Sometimes you have to look back 3 years just to see how life is treating you. Yes, I still have all the stress, and have pretty much taken on everything, but I am the STRONGEST i have ever been. I never thought we would get to this point in our lives.


It was a year ago, when Len collapsed in our townhouse, and broke 4 ribs.  After calling 911 at midnight, he refused to go with them to the hospital.  I had to talk him around, after 30 minutes of the guys saying that they couldn’t kidnap him. He finally went.  He had a gangrene gall bladder, so went in for immediate surgery.

This almost killed him, was in I.C.U. for ten days, and then in a regular room.  From here he went to rehab.  I was told that he was a fall risk, and that he wouldn’t be able to do the 17 stairs in our home.  Everything was upstairs, apart from the large playroom, utility room, and toilet.

I finally sorted out my conundrum, and bought a condo in the next street, without Len even seeing it.  Once he came out of rehab, I closed on the condo, and…

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  1. You found the strength when you needed it! There are times when we are called upon to be the strongest we’ve ever been, and you dove deep down and found it 🙂 That’s an awesome story, thanks for sharing it.


  2. I’ve experienced a few things like you have. I prayed for strength and somehow got strength when I needed it, and fell completely apart later because it was more than I could take. Each experience I have had like that had changed me from the inside out. I am not the same person as I used to be. I am actually a different man now from top to bottom. Personally, I don’t know if I am strong or weak or what. All I know is that it made me into a different kind of man. I was totally devastated. These experiences humbled me, made me know more what being compassionate was, made me a lot more loving and certainly knocked the chip off my shoulder. But, I can certainly identify with what you’ve been through, It’s really a tough thing I know. I surely do understand.

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