A tourist spot in Port Richey, Florida. Whiskey Joe’s.

My girlfriend and I usually go walking together, and then have a Starbucks coffee, but decided to do something different.  We went to Port Richey Waterfront Park, and then drove for a minute or two, and were at Whiskey Joe’s.

It was Monday so $2 Margaritas, but you had to buy an entree, and they ran a lot higher than a non tourist area.

The food was below average.  The pizza was so thin, that it was hard on the outside, and after eating the first piece, was rock hard.  My girlfriend took most of it home, and I have no idea what she did with it. I believe the price was $13 for a medium.  The chicken, in the sandwich was so rubbery, that I couldn’t chew it.  The fries, and drinks were the only good things, apart from the views, and company.

We didn’t complain, as I had never been there, and she wanted me to go with her.  However, if we treat ourselves another time, it was be for the food, and not the view.



  1. Thin pizza seems to be very popular these days. I like some but not all. In Italy most pizza is thin but not hard. Sort of like New York style pizza. I ate so much pizza but my favorite by far was the Marinara pizza – just marinara sauce, garlic, and oregano. I didn’t miss not having cheese. The garlic was so fresh and good – better than US.

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