When you are retired……

We don’t say TGIF or, oh no it’s Monday again.

What we say is ‘What day is it today?  It must be Wednesday as I have my boxing class to teach.  It’s Saturday as the early football match starts at 7.30.’

Every day is a day for us.  Unfortunately there are doctor’s days, specialist days, blood drawn days, but also having lunch out, being at the gym, talking with friends, and just hanging out.

Being retired is like going to work, but doing what you want to do, when you want to.  You are your own boss.  Can’t be bad.


  1. Good one. My neighbour retired before me and took on his hobbies as if they were his new job. When I came home from the office, he would always greet me with “Allan, when you are retired, there are no days off.” He was correct, of course, but no two days are ever the same. Cheers Susie. Allan

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