Is it too soon to get hit with all the Christmas stuff.

I feel that every year Christmas comes earlier.  You put the television on, and get hit with Christmas stories.

Can we please enjoy Thanksgiving before starting to think about the next holiday.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian, and appreciate the holiday, but isn’t it shoved in our faces way too early.  Okay, tell me I am old, and it’s for the kids.  I agree, but with my family in England, it is not the happiest of times.

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  1. I agree! This summer, I could have sworn that it was actually July when Long’s Drugs was playing Christmas music. And even now, it still feels like it is summer (in Hawaii) weather wise and I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. 2019 is flying by.

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  2. It always seems too early when the shops start the Christmas countdown. For me it’s not Christmas until December but some people I know have their tree up already! As a Christian it’s all too commercial now, the true meaning of Christmas has been lost. I love the carols and the church services and being with my family more than any gifts. Xx

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