Received the results from my skin cancer biopsy.

I just had a phone call to say that, the area my dermatologist sent off for a biopsy came back, and they want to do further checks.  They want me to go back in to have it checked, and possibly scrapped.

I asked if they had the results for my husband, and they are not back, so I suggested that we wait for his, and then make the appointment.  As I do all the driving it would be stupid for me to go, and then find that he has to go back too.

Hubby says it’s just money for the extra visit, but after having the surgery on my upper lip, I don’t take any chances.

Photo: Pixabay.


  1. As a former professional surfer, I always say: Don’t mess around with skin cancer or any skin condition. I developed a lot of solar keratosis and found that a cream solution of Fluorouraci did the trick. Good luck and I hope you don’t need the cream.

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