Still haven’t found hubby’s diamond ring.

I wrote last weekend that my husband was missing his most expensive ring.  We were away for a few days, but since home have been searching everywhere.  He insists it is still in the house, but with every place we look, I have the gut feeling that it is lost.

The last time I know he had it was Thursday evening.  It was Saturday morning when he put his other rings on, and couldn’t find it.  On the Friday we went to the doctor’s office, Burger King, the gym, Honda, and WalMart.  I know if it was lost in any of these places, someone is very happy with their find.

I will turn every place in the house upside down, and continue to update you.


  1. I tend to think that when things take themselves off like that they’re hanging out with all the other things that have ‘disappeared’, socks, the lids of pens, coins, keys, etc, and are having themselves a fiesta … usually they turn up again after the party’s over. 🙂 … seriously though, I do hope it turns up. Was it insured?

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  2. I found my jade pendant necklace in the sofa. It broke on a run and I had shoved it in a pocket. I forget to take it out of the pocket and it slid out and in between the sofa cushion. I found it 4 or so months later when were getting ready to give away the sofa! My husband got it for me in China and it was high quality jade. I’m so happy I found it. Have hope!

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  3. Have you considered contacting the places you visited from the time you last saw it until Saturday? Most people would turn it into the establishment in or near which they found it. Even in our increasingly dishonest society only the minority would keep it.

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  4. I am so glad you found the ring. I am sure that’s a big relief. Are your husband’s sugar readings better now? I have had much success with my husband’s diabetes through a healthy living program. We are about to get him off all his diabetes medication. If you would like more information send me a quick email.

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  5. He’s been diabetic for 46 years. Survived so many heart attacks, quintuple bypass surgery, several stents, heart working 15% so has a pacemaker/defibrillator. Was stage 5 kidney failure, and got him back to 4. Gone from 40 units of N twice a day, and R with meals to 12 and 10 units. High blood pressure and cholesterol, also neuropathy of the feet. The list goes on with so much more. I have kept him alive. Now 86.

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  6. Have you ever noticed Susie that the harder you search for an object the less the chance you have of finding it? This happens to me with house and car keys, my wallet, glasses and an assortment of other objects that I initially deem as lost forever. Relax. Take a deep breath and if it is in the house it will “magically” pop into view. Good luck. Don’t fret.

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