Upped my workout at the gym today.

This past week I was doing a lot of walking, cardio, and only got to a gym for upper body work once.

So today I was determined to give it my all.

I was trying out new boxing gloves, so did 30 minutes, and burnt 318 calories.  I was already sweating, so took off my gloves, but left my wraps on.

I then went to the upper body, and ab machines.  Here I did 34 minutes, which was 189 calories.

I upped my first arm machine from 50 lbs to 55.  Then the ab machine, I went from 55 to 70 lbs, and back, until I had done 150 pull downs.  Usually I go up in 5 lbs, but this machine jumps from 50 to 70, and only has the 5 lb to add to it.

My next machine was the pull down one for my shoulders.  I have been doing 50 and 55 lbs., so today I upped it another 5.

Then it was another ab machine, that you kneel on, and bring your knees forward, and back.  I always have the maximum of 40 lbs., underneath the seat.

Finally the bench that you lay back on, tuck your toes under, and do sit ups.  I have a 25 lb. weight while doing this one.

I tell you I was completely spent after this routine.  Came home, and made a great protein shake with electrolytes.  I feel amazing.

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