Anrui 1 quart TSA approved clear toiletry bags.

When I traveled to England I would have to put my small toiletries in a 1 quart Ziploc bag, and hope that the seal held.  Not anymore, since I receive the 3 piece TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bags with handle straps by Anrui.

Now I can put my toiletries in one bag, and have another for my husband.  If we are staying for awhile I can use the 3rd one for any extra ones.

These are really well made, and do not leak.  They have a strong zipper to seal, and a handle for carrying them.

From the Amazon website: ‘

  • TSA approved toiletry bag/quart size bags are fully compliant with TSA 3-1-1 rules and regulations of all airlines. Get through airport security easy and fast. Save your time and no more hold ups or hassles at the airport.
  • →See Through and Waterproof Secure: TSA airline toiletry bags are made of transparent PVC material, eco-friendly to see and get items quickly. Advanced seamless crimping process are waterproof to to hold all your items included Liquids, at least resistant to leaks. Enjoy your travel without worries.’

If you check the link below, there is a coupon for 8% off, next to the price.  Why use cheap plastic bags that can leak, when you can have secure bags, that will save your other carry on items from being ruined by liquids.

I did received mine to test them, and write an honest review, and this I have done.


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