Got everything I needed from the doctor’s office.

We arrived at 12.45 for 1 and 1.15 appointments.  We were called in at 1.10, which was great.  By the time the nurse went through blood pressure, oxygen, medications, etc., it was 1.40 p.m.

I then went into another room, and the doctor arrived within minutes.  She was very thorough with me, went over my labs, that she says we never have to worry about.  Was pleased that I had put on 2 lbs., but of course it’s cold, and I had extra clothing on.

We did discuss my husband, and I mentioned again that the previous appointment was useless, as he didn’t even know that there were no blood work results.  I do believe she understands, which makes life a little easier for me.  I also made sure that we were having our flu jabs today.

Hubby then came in, and only said that he had problems with his back.  I also mentioned that his legs are very weak.  The doctor doesn’t want him to do anything down the gym, which he rarely does, but walk for 15 minutes a day with a cane, or walker.  I really can’t see that happening but I will try.  His A1c was down considerably from last time, which means that taking a small amount of the fast acting insulin with the evening meal is working.  She said that the meds are doing what they need to do, and not to change anything.

We then waited for our flu shots, and got in at 2.45 p.m.  We have been watching Wales beat Hungry 2 – 0 in the European qualifying football matches.

BTW I ensured that we are both with the doctor the next time, and not the P.A.


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