Trying to deed back one of our timeshares.

Hubby is to the point that he doesn’t want to go to the second timeshare we select, each year.

We bought the ‘points system’ for a property in the Orlando area.  At the time we used it, and also got a free week at one of their resorts, you just had to pay fees.  This was great for the first 5 years, then he didn’t want to go to the ‘concrete jungle’ anymore.

I had to join R.C.I., which has a yearly fee, and then pay exchange fees for every week we used.  I didn’t mind as it is only 3 down from the Voyager, where we are both on the board.

In September we went for a week, and had the second floor.  They don’t have an elevator, and hubby’s legs have been giving out.  He really only left the room when I took him out to lunch.

Before we left, we asked them if they could make sure we had a ground floor unit in November.  They said it was up to R.C.I., which room they gave us, but would make a notation.  I am pleased to say that we will be on the ground floor, as I just phoned.

So after September, I contacted the property in Orlando.  I got a reply that if we got a doctor’s letter, and wrote a comprehensive letter explaining why, they would put it to the department concerned.  There are no guarantees.

We would be liable for fees, legal fees, court costs, and any amount the association decided they wanted to take it back.

We had to wait until we saw the doctor this week, even though I asked a couple of weeks ago.  She wanted to see him first.  I have sent off everything, and now it is the waiting game.  Personally it is the last thing I want to do, but I have no choice in the matter.

I will keep you updated.


  1. It got old to my daughter also. I went on a couple good trips with her; San Fran & in the woods & lakes in Arizona high country ( FISHING 😉🎣, ) was great, but…I have to confess I’m on same page as hubby. 🤭

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