Fun lunch at Whiskey River On the Water.

My girlfriend’s sister is still here from England, so all 3 of us went to Whiskey River On the Water, Port Richey.  We had tried Whiskey Joe’s, and Shark Bites, and had been disappointed with both.

We weren’t expecting much, so it came as a really nice surprise to have good food, drinks, and reasonable prices.

As you can see we were outside, and had a view of the river, and the restaurants on the opposite side.  The beer battered fish ‘n’ chips was on special at $9.99, and was excellent.  All the drinks were discounted as it was happy hour.

I don’t expected good fish unless it is at a British pub, with a British cook, but they did a really nice job on it.  Of course, I had to have the malt vinegar with it.

This is a restaurant/bar that I would be happy to go back too.

It is located at:

5245 Limestone Dr
Port Richey, Florida 34668
Highlights info row image 727) 849-2180


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