Managing to get some walking in while at the beach.

This was today’s figures at sunset, which was 5.35, so maybe I might hit the 20,000 mark.

I spend much more time with hubby now, as he does need by help, so managed to get on the beach 3 times for around hour.

I used to do anywhere from 25,000 to my all time high of 42,500 steps, but now hubby comes first.

We spent time at our timeshare, where we are on the board today, and I took him out at lunchtime.

Hubby has been trying to walk for 15 minutes a day, with his cane, which his G.P. said will help to strengthen his legs.  He is doing a good job, and I am proud of him.

Exercise is so important regardless of age, and walking is one of the best ways of doing it.


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