Heading home today.

Our timeshare is for 7 nights/8 days, but these past 3 and a half years, hubby has wanted to leave early.  He doesn’t like the time frame of leaving on Saturday before 10 a.m.  I respect that it would make him even more anxious, so drive us back a day early.

I am having an hours walk on the beach shortly, finish packing, and leave by lunchtime.  With it being Black Friday, there won’t be a good time to avoid the traffic, so will just go with the flow.

Hubby will be very happy to be in his own surroundings, and know exactly where he is.  This will be our last time at this timeshare, as hubby’s health comes first.  I will miss these 2 weeks we come here.


  1. I could never do a timeshare where I had to leave so early, which seems to be a common theme for most of the ones I read about.I probably leave a day early just to avoid the need to wake up early on the last day.

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  2. Wow Susie. That doesn’t seem fair to you. It’s so hard being a caretaker. You deserve to have a break and see your family and have me time. Is there not a way to get someone to help?

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  3. I am a couple of decades younger than him. My big problem is a sleep disorder. Back when it was diagnosed in 2005, they didn’t have tests to diagnose it. Haven’t checked lately as the only test they admitted to was the time test. If I lived more than 3 years, I didn’t have the one that kills in 3 years or less.

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