Black Friday shopping is for me. Yes, I bought for myself.

I have been using Estee Lauder’s, Estee perfume for the last 50 years.  Yes, I had a bottle for my 21st birthday, and have used it ever since.  People recognize me by it, even if I am behind them.  Estee Lauder have a 25% off for Black Friday week, with free shipping on any purchase.  So I ordered myself one.

Zumba have up to 75% off items with free shipping.  I have ordered myself 2 tops, as they always seem to have the small sizes.  I will be wearing them, so you will get to see them in a few days time.

I didn’t have to go out the door, and I can tell hubby that he has bought me 3 gifts.  If it was left up to him it would be something that I wouldn’t wear, or use.  I love shopping for my Christmas gifts this way.

Check them out as the sale is still going on:


  1. My mom’s signature scent was Colony by Jean Patou. She had a half used bottle that I sold on eBay. It was a fancy crystal vintage bottle and I made over a $100 on it. They don’t make nice bottles like it anymore. I felt sad to part with it in a way but it wasn’t “my” scent and I’m trying to declutter. I’m guessing the bottle was over 60 years old so the scent probably wasn’t as good anymore but it still reminded me of her. She only wore it on special occasions.

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