Meaneor Women Ladies V-Neck Lace Sexy Cocktail Floral Midi Bodycon Dress

Another little black dress that is perfect for the holiday season. I still get compliments on it 2 and a half years later.


I feel like a million dollars in the Meaneor Women Ladies V-Neck Lace Cocktail Floral Midi Bodycon Dress.  It is very sexy as it clings to the body.  The lace is so soft, and lightweight.  It is open lace on the sleeves, and the back of the dress, and the rest has a lining.

I would suggest that if you were wearing this cute dress outside, you may need a mini half slip/petticoat underneath it, as the lining isn’t thick.  However, I feel quite happy wearing it dancing, in the dimmer lights.

It states on the Amazon website to hand wash it, but I find as long as I use Mesh Laundry Bags, and put it on a delicate cycle, I can machine wash all of my dresses.

You can see the material in my video, and I know that you will love it.  The Meaneor range of…

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