Back into my routine.

First stop Top Brothers to train my boxing ladies.

Then to Family fitness for weight machines.

Now off to Loadmoreplate for my session with Jake.

Love my gym life.


  1. I had been wondering why I was not seekng posts from you and I was worried that you might not be well or something had happened. I came to your site and was relieved. But I found I was ot following you! I have been following you for at least 3 years. This is a WordPress flaw that I have reported before as it happened to me with other blogs I follow. I have re followed you and l hope it will stay this time.

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  2. I noticed you were not appearing on my reader or emails. But I then went to look for you and found you and have refollowed you. I enjoy your posts and so I hope this time it will stay “followed”. I do not always have enough time to keep up with everyone so I understand your cutting back.

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