Hopefully got the social security problem solved.

I was told by my H.M.O. that the social security department, sent out incorrect 2,020 updates to a whole lot of people.  Didn’t say how many, and how much the mail out cost them/us.  I should get another one stating that my new amount will be $110.

So I have lost $35 a month, but better than most of it.  They say inflation is low, geez I can’t see it.

Then I got my credit card statement with a big increase on our home Spectrum account.  So I phoned them.  The lady was really nice, and said that she couldn’t do anything about it.  I told her about getting less social security, and how do they expect seniors to pay it.

I told her that I have my cell phone with them too.  I gave her the phone number, and she sent me a code.  After giving it to her, she spent a long time, and finally got me $10 off a month.  She went beyond expectations for me.

I can’t tell you how much time it takes me to get things sorted out.  I will never give up, when it costs me extra money, that our income doesn’t provide.

This is an update on my previous post.


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