Really frustrated.

I am always very positive in everything I write here, and try to inspire everyone.

However, today I am at the point of wanting to scream.  I love my husband dearly, but at age 86, some things are starting to get to me.

He has my laptop, which is 2 years old, and my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, just for WIFI.

So many times I run out for a few minutes, and come back to his phone being factory reset.  I have no idea what causes this.  Then most days I get codes to say that his google account, or Facebook is sending me a code to allow him to get a new password.  I believe he has an least 7 Facebook accounts now.

Then a few weeks ago I lost my Twitter account.  He said that he hadn’t used my cellphone number to recover his.  Yesterday I got an email informing me that my phone number was used to reset a password.  Now I know how my account was compromised, and why they won’t let me use it.

Today I came in, was checking my email, and it said that I had changed my Microsoft password.  I could prove to my husband this time that it was him, as the time was when I was out.  So I have had to reset my password, and he has lost his.

This getting old is no fun.  People tell me all the time to take both the phone and laptop away from him, but that’s the one thing he does all day long.

I have been back and forward showing him how to get into his laptop.  I can deal with it most days, but occasionally I get to this point.

Also yesterday he lost one of his bracelets again.  Luckily I found it.

Now you know why I can’t be on WordPress as often as I like.  I am worried when I have ‘me’ time, and leave me.


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