Really frustrated.

I am always very positive in everything I write here, and try to inspire everyone.

However, today I am at the point of wanting to scream.  I love my husband dearly, but at age 86, some things are starting to get to me.

He has my laptop, which is 2 years old, and my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, just for WIFI.

So many times I run out for a few minutes, and come back to his phone being factory reset.  I have no idea what causes this.  Then most days I get codes to say that his google account, or Facebook is sending me a code to allow him to get a new password.  I believe he has an least 7 Facebook accounts now.

Then a few weeks ago I lost my Twitter account.  He said that he hadn’t used my cellphone number to recover his.  Yesterday I got an email informing me that my phone number was used to reset a password.  Now I know how my account was compromised, and why they won’t let me use it.

Today I came in, was checking my email, and it said that I had changed my Microsoft password.  I could prove to my husband this time that it was him, as the time was when I was out.  So I have had to reset my password, and he has lost his.

This getting old is no fun.  People tell me all the time to take both the phone and laptop away from him, but that’s the one thing he does all day long.

I have been back and forward showing him how to get into his laptop.  I can deal with it most days, but occasionally I get to this point.

Also yesterday he lost one of his bracelets again.  Luckily I found it.

Now you know why I can’t be on WordPress as often as I like.  I am worried when I have ‘me’ time, and leave me.


  1. Hi Susie, I can understand your frustrations.When my father-in-law wants to learn programming through my husband, my husband faces same disappointment. Because of brain stroke my father in law can’t do much, but he keeps on insisting. And this is just one example.
    No matter how much we try to be positive,but life is sometimes very tough.

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  2. My heart goes out to you and understand your frustrations! Venting is so good for you and you are not alone in this getting old stuff. I saw suggested a few good ideas, a tablet is a good one with an easy password for him. Good luck and I hope you can figure out a way to keep your stuff safe. Hugs! ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Good morning! It must be a man thing with these passwords bc my husband does things a lot like yours and we are in our 60’s. I put an app called OneSafe on my phone at a minimal charage (I think $1.99) and I keep all of our passwords stored on it, both mine and his. So when he tells me that once again, he is locked out of something, I get him back in, change his PW on the site and on OneSafe. It has saved me a lot of stress!

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  4. I understand your problem. In our house it is the thermostat since my husband is on blood thinners he is always cold. I can’t solve that one but I did get him a Jitterbug phone which he loves and seems to be easy enough for him to work. I wonder if he could use a Kindle instead of your computer. It is not expensive at all.

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  5. You are very patient. Continue to be. Patience is the key. Im not sure of laptops but some android phones do help out with saving passwords for emails and social media accounts. All you need to do is enter the email or username for that account and the password will be filled in. And some phone allows you to use fingerprint to access accounts too. Don’t know if it will help to permit your phone to save his password so that the phone can be filling the password for him. Don’t know how secured the method is but I’ve been using it on my android. Alternatively, he may write down the password somewhere so as not to lose it. Hope Im making some sense. Take care.💖

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  6. He has my older Windows 10 laptop, and my older Samsung Galaxy phone. He has never used mine. However, when you forgets passwords, he uses my cellphone number to get a new one. I get an email to say my password has been changed. He had 2 tablets that I can’t find anywhere.


  7. I use autofill on mine. He has screwed up hundreds of times, so it doesn’t work for him. I tell him to write down the new password before entering it in. He doesn’t, and in that short time, he has forgotten it.


  8. Get a little cheap pre paid phone that you can keep hidden away and use it as a recovery for your own passwords that way he won’t know it’s number and if he uses your normal one it won’t affect your accounts – it will be a pain to set up but worth it long term!

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