Christmas is a time for appreciating all the things people do for you.

I have a neighbor that is a ‘snowbird’, meaning she is only here for the winters.  So I take care of her home during the summer months.  The day she comes down I get a pizza, and take some around for her, as I know that she won’t be cooking, or eating out.  On holidays I take her a meal, and occasionally a little thank you gift, as she takes in my parcels when away, in the wintertime.

I am lucky enough to get discounted products from groups on Facebook, and it gives me so much pleasure, to give to her, my trainers at the gym, my masseur, all the employees at the Voyager Beach Club, in Treasure Island, and too many to name.

None have cost me a lot of money, but they are beautiful gifts.  I am so thankful for having them all in my life, and it is great to show it.

Wish I could send something to all of you.


  1. Thanks for writing a great post on the joy of giving. It’s easy to get bogged down about the negative side of life. My job involves dealing with some of the worst people imaginable, but it’s very important to remember that there are still alot of kind and decent folks out there.

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