Nik is amazing. I wish I was 50 years younger so I could do this.

This equipment is right next to the boxing bag, so I get to see this young man often.  Today I couldn’t resist taking a photo, and I asked him if he would be okay with me adding it to my blog.

He said that it would be fine, and could he have the URL to my blog.  I have the link on the bottom of my emails, so he emailed himself a ‘Hi’, on my phone.

I did 40 minutes boxing today, and did a lot of my exercises, like running the ladder, then punching, going through 2 punches to 20, and back, with squats in between, putting one arm behind me, and doing punches, hooks, and uppercuts.  The sweat was pouring off of me.

I then did all the ab machines, with weights of 65 lbs.  A lady came up to be and asked how many I had done.  I said 150.  2 sets of 75.  She couldn’t believe it.

I also did sit ups holding a 25 lb. weight.  That’s just a few of my routine.  It was a cracking morning of working out.


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